Corporate Secretrial Services

Corporate Secretrial Services

Corporate secretarial service is a premium compliance service that includes maintenance of statutory registers; the processing of share transfers and allotments; preparation and filing of the annual return; deadline filing reminders and a corporate company secretary. Without the presence of a secretary, the directors of the company have to take on these responsibilities which becomes a burden for them and problematic situations arise for core business structures.

We at Blue Sparrow are offering corporate secretarial services to companies or organizations to reduce the burden of company administrative and corporate governance. With this, the directors of the company can focus on main business strategies and plans without holding anything back.

The benefits of corporate secretarial services are huge. As we know, in modern days compliance matters play a very important role for a company or an organization. If the company fails to act following any compliance matters, it may result in fines and prosecutions of the company or organization directors. Thus to reduce the pressure and to keep the company protected secretarial services are a must need. In a limited time, we will provide all your corporate administrative documents correctly.

And our services also include mail handling services. In other words, all the administrative paperwork, emails, documents will be handled and correctly done by us. We have 15 years of experience.

By providing 5 star service, we already build a strong client base. We always listen to our clients’ needs and we always make sure to give our best to fulfill their needs. Their priorities are on the top for us. If you want the best services then contact us and we will set up the rest for you to have peace of mind. As a result, the company will have smooth sailing avoiding penalties and minimizing legal disputes. .