About Us

Blue Sparrow is a boutique accounting firm for those who do not want to stand in line.

Quality and reliability are our keywords. We understand that having dependable numbers is only the beginning. Proactively analysing and adapting to new challenges is what makes Blue Sparrow a leader in delivering client statisfaction.

We have kept our boutique vision and take on select clients to build long term sold relationships based on trust and reliability. Our dedication to our clients’ projects makes the difference between success and faillure.

Our clients’ success stories are the center piece of a great project and we strive to achieve that success at every level.

We look forward to doing business with you.
Blue Sparrow Corporate Services offers a complete bookkeeping and accountancy service to corporate and individuals. We have been providing these services for 12 years and have built up a strong client base of businesses. We understand our clients’ needs and deliever a personal service catering to the specific needs of your business.

Our specialists are well acquinted with the current developments and have a broad spectrum of experience when it comes to tax, accounting and planning with various special purpose vehicles.

Blue Sparrow has a strong and wide network and draws for years’ long experience in various aspects of corporate and individual challenges facing businesses and high net worth individuals.